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Find out why we are considered ahead of the market in the area of legal English



Anyone that studies  law knows how complex it can be. The technical vocabulary used is ever present in the day to day lives of legal professionals working in this area.  If one´s native language is in itself complicated to understand taking into account its nuances, imagine how much more difficult a foreign language can be, particularly one that is as complex as English?

One word may have one definition but this same word may have a completely different meaning when used in the USA.  In addition to this, there are false cognates that can trick us into thinking that similar looking words mean the same thing.  In closing, as the legal systems in both the USA and Brazil are different, there are expressions that may well make sense there but over here they will not be understood.

This subsequently gave rise to Uncomplicating Legal English which started off as a YouTube channel, but which later became a specialist company teaching legal English. It uses comparative law as a tool in order to obtain the most adequate terminology.

We offer courses in legal English through live, on-line classes via the Zoom platform, for translators, interpreters, lawyers, judges and prosecutors.  We also make webinars available as well as traditional in-class courses, lectures and other associated services in this sector. All the teachers have a degree in law and are trained translators.

The Uncomplicating team are committed to facilitating learning, growth and development.  We train our students to deal with the vicissitudes of the legal world. We offer a rich learning environment which has helped an innumerable amount of students to progress in their careers.

Founded in 2018, our company provides on-line and traditional in-class training.  Our aim is to ensure that you learn all there is to know about legal English, transforming arduous themes in this area into something that is extremely palatable , in other words, our mission is to uncomplicate legal English.  

And we don ́t stop there! In addition to the sundry courses offered by Uncomplicating Legal English, we also have on-line lectures that will enrich your learning experience even more and all students are guaranteed a certificate upon completion of the course.

Our services also include legal translations into and from English, Portuguese and Spanish. The work is done by a specialist team in the area who are  graduated in law and translation and who have many years of experience in working as legal translators.

We also offer sworn translations in English, Portuguese and Spanish for those who need it, which includes documents issued in another country and in a different language to Portuguese, so that they can be officially recognized in Brazil and abroad.  We have at our disposal a team of translators that have been working in this area for decades and as a result, we can guarantee all translations are of an exceptionally high quality and are completely faithful to the original text.

You can also have access to our blog that contains various articles and materials that highlight the importance of being able to read, write and interpret legal texts in English, as well as covering other topics related to law. You will be able to read interesting stories that will help you to understand the complexity involved in the judicial system not only in Brazil, but in the world at large.  

Our collection consists of a series of YouTube videos which follow the same line as our blog, however on this platform the content is more dense, visual and interactive, which facilitates learning. This allows for one ́s learning to be enhanced through better and more effective learning techniques.

Therefore, don ́t waste any more time and become one of our students on the Uncomplicating Legal English course where you will gain access to our exclusive material and classes. The whole package will prepare you to have that competitive edge in the legal, global market.    

At present we have students from Brazil, the United States, Belgium, Israel and Switzerland.

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Uncomplicating People's Lives





By: Monica Lange - Our student

Raise your hand if you don't have a weak spot and if you don't have a professional area that you would like to develop or improve upon. Me? The famous, yet feared by many, area known as Legal English.



Fernanda Mathias

Translator and Interpreter

American Law Course

The course offered by Uncomplicating Legal English - "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers" - has been a great opportunity for retraining and continuous learning! In addition to the very complete material, with several links to other reference sources and explanatory videos, Prof. Daniel Edelson is really nice! Very clear and patient, he is always ready to answer questions without losing the thread. Super recommend it!


Fernanda Mathias

Tradutora e intérprete

Curso de direito norte-americano

O curso oferecido pelo Descomplicando - "An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers" - tem sido uma excelente oportunidade de reciclagem e aprendizado contínuo! Além do material completíssimo, com vários links para outras fontes de referência e vídeos explicativos, o Prof. Daniel Edelson é uma simpatia! Muito claro e paciente, ele está sempre pronto a dirimir dúvidas sem perder o fio da meada. Super recomendo!

download (2).jpg

Intérprete de conferências com atuação nos Estados Unidos

Curso de inglês jurídico para tradutores

Estou impressionada com o conhecimento da Prof. Gisela. Muito obrigada pela oportunidade!


Luciana Vozza


Legal English Classes for Translators

I highly recommend this course. Uncomplicating Leal English goes beyond what is promised. The tutors are committed to the content.  The results are noticeable throughout the course. Thanks for everything.

download (2).jpg

Intérprete de conferências com atuação nos Estados Unidos

Curso de inglês jurídico para tradutores

Eu fiz um outro curso sobre as diferenças dos sistemas jurídicos brasileiro e americano, mas não consegui apreciar o valor em saber essas diferenças e também as semelhanças, porque o ensino foi só common law e blá, blá, blá.

Nunca ouve essa abordagem mais profunda, como no Descomplicando, de como realmente utilizar essa informação para o nosso crescimento professional. 


Lucy Menezes 

Sworn Translator

Legal English Classes for Translators

Anyone who is not a legal professional, like me, cannot go through legal language, in sworn translations, without delving into the study of comparative law. With Uncomplicating Legal English, I made great strides on this journey of knowledge and became enchanted. One more goal accomplished, but being continually set. Thank you Bruna Marchi!


Founding Partner 

Legal English Specialist

Pedagogical Director